Adult Involvement

Rewards for you

By taking an interest, by becoming involved, you'll find the experience of being a Leader has its own rewards. You'll find enormous satisfaction in helping young people achieve. Their achievements will be your achievements too. You can feel proud of their successes, and be spurred on by their progress.

Your ability to relate to your Section members will give you a sense of growing accomplishment as their trust and confidence in you grows. And you'll know that you're helping young people to shape their lives and that means doing something significant for the future.

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Sectional Leaders

Young people need leadership. They need the guidance of informed and caring adults to develop self-reliance, initiative and responsibility.  Leaders are always required for all Sections of the Scouting Movement.

The worldwide Scout Movement offers this guidance through our Leaders, a team of dedicated, self-motivated individuals who take the time and the interest to help on a voluntary basis.

If you care about the future generation, if you want to contribute, to learn about yourself and other people and want to have fun doing it, then we want you to join us as a Leader.

Prior experience in Scouting is not necessary. Full adult training appropriate to the age group in which you are interested is available.

The rewards of Scouting leadership are lasting and truly beneficial. You’ll help guide young members along a memorable path which will lead them to become valued citizens of our community. Best of all, you’ll experience a new dimension of fun and adventure while doing it.


Adult Support Members

For the adult that who would like to get involved and help out with the youth and running the program, but are unable to commit to a full Leaders role.

Leaders are always in need of help, they are not "Supermen/women" they are every day people with every day jobs, families and community commitments.  They are always appreciative of a helping hand.


Specialist Activity Teams

These teams run activities for the youth where a high degree of technical expertise and qualifications are required for deliver of a safe program and where qualifications need to be maintained.

Examples of Specialist Activity Teams are:

  • Abseiling
  • Bushwalking
  • Water activities, Canoeing, Kayaking, Sailing



The Scout Fellowship is a Formation of Scouts Australia, Queensland Branch Inc., which may be formed at Group, District, Region or Branch levels.

Scout Fellowship may undertake any activities consistent with the purpose of the Fellowship and the principles of The Association.

The functions of Fellowship and service will be achieved in many and varied ways. Some Fellowships may undertake specific service such as managing campsites while others may provide service in a more general nature.

Example of current Fellowships are:

  • 4 wheel driving
  • Water activities
  • Environmental